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Turning Obstacles into Opportunities!

Courtney's journey is a true testimony of endurance, tenacity, faith and self-love. From her early years of facing emotional and communication roadblocks from various members of her family while balancing own feelings of inadequacy and not fitting in the societal norms presented to her. Through it all she did not give up and no matter what was around her - or within her- she still saw her future for herself and was able to maintain a focus on her education and military career and continue to level up and be an inspiration and role model in leadership for others along the way. God presents to us not a life without obstacles but obstacles to teach us lessons. A real "Never Give Up" miracle that many didn't make it through. Even with a heart once broken she still followed that same heart to her dreams and goals and FAVOR!


More than brilliant!

This book touches every part of my soul. It made me self analyze more than once. Great first book by a promising author!

-Dana Smart

A truly great read!

This book is so good I swear it feels like it's only a matter of time before someone picks it up and makes a movie out of it. It's a beautiful coming of age story i would highly reccomend not only to military personnel but any fan of a good well rounded story!


The book was great from beginning to end. I read it in 3 days!

This book is a great read and can be a tool for anyone in a leadership role trying to determine their purpose.

-Jasmine Mills

Looking through the Eyes of a Leader! 

A must read! To go behind the scenes of the Aviation World as an African American Female in Leadership. Tears, laughter, empathy, this book brings mixed emotions. Attention Grabber, I couldn't put it down!

-Cheryl Heavens

A great read!!

This book is very well written. It flows fluently throughout. It is captivating, emotional, insightful, and just plain interesting!! Loved it from the first page to the last!!! Highly recommend!! A great read!!

-Phyllis Wright

 Emotion Packed Read! 

Cry, laugh and become part of the Family! Within the first 3 chapters I experienced all emotions. This book kept me wanting to read faster to see what was on the next page! I was able to relate to so many things Courtney has experienced before and after joining the military. This book made me look back on my life and look at how I handle certain situations, through her motivated and determined eyes she made me realize I handled some times right and some not so right. It also watered my seed to be successful and to keep giving life my best even when I feel like I'm at my worst. While reading the book, several times I found myself constantly referring back to this, "Sometimes you have to move in silence. When you focus on your own swim lane, the effort you put in will pay off. When you start to focus on other people's swim lanes, you will get side tracked and slow down, providing an opportunity for others to swim pass you". Reading this book has made me reflect back on situations in my life both personal and professional and allowed me to see where God has favored me. I do wish there was a journal along with the book! I will be reading it randomly when I find my motivation and determination running low! Unapologetically Favored is a great read and ready for Oprah's Top Ten Book List!

-Shayla Black